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With teamwork and morale building as well as "FUN" being the emphasis; Unique Events will tailor an incentive games package specifically for you and your organization.

Teamwork is an essential part of doing business in today's competitive market. Our innovative "Games Packages" breaks down barriers and promotes interpersonal relationship in a fun-filled way.

Prerequisites for team building activities are communication, leadership, trust, efficiency, crisis management, cooperation, determination, collaboration, loyalty and fairness.

Our innovative games range from Canadiana Themes, Mini Olympics, Gastown Polaroid Hunt - hosted by Gassy Jack, Who Dunnit Mysteries, Canadian Wilderness Survivors, Custom Corporate Challenges, Corporate Picnic Games to name a few!

Many of the Team Challenges we have produced can be adapted to indoor venues or at many of "Spectacular BC's" outdoor locations.

See information on our newest interactive, high-energy version of Idol Search.

See a Sample of our Survivor Games Package below!
More photos located here: Survivor Photos!

The following survivor theme is based on the TV series of the same name. The venue is decorated to resemble a deserted tropical island and guests arrive wearing casual, tropical attire. Catering, music and incidental entertainment support this theme.

The Goals
The goal of the event is to create a fun filled memorable experience, with emphasis on team building. However, multi-levels can be explored in the same way, leadership, critical thinking and team play. Our production team and writers will interview the organization extensively to ensure an event specific to your message or theme of your meeting.

The Actors
Professional actors present the production. One of the actors is the MC - host and main focus of the event. Others organize the participants, props and demonstrate the games. There is also an on site technical coordinator to supervise the production.

Survivor host with assistant.


The Arrival
Guests arrive at the event and are met by the actors posing as TV film crew. The guests are casually interviewed and 'qualified'. This 'meet & greet' is highly improvisational. If teams haven't been selected it is done as the guests arrive. The 'host' garners important information during this reception that he can use later in the games.

African Drum Ensemble entertains guests as they arrive. The stage is decorated with tropical island backdrop, palm trees, tiki gods and fire lanterns to be used during the games


The Teams
The teams are either pre-selected by the sponsoring organization or put together randomly at arrival simply by providing different coloured scarves. The teams are encouraged to seek one another out and plan strategy for the up coming test of endurance

Team from Vancouver Police Department heckles team from Innovative Fitness as the competition heats up at recent Survivor event produced by Unique Events.

The Games
The games are based on Unique Events highly successful compilation of games produced throughout the years. Depending on the genre of the sponsoring organization and the degree of athleticism desired, the games are custom written to the event.

For example. at a recent event produced for the Young Presidents Organization, an obstacle course game was rewritten as ''Climb the Corporate Ladder'. and included the participants having to run to an airline booking counter and change flight arrangements. The improv actor playing the airline clerk was as uncooperative as possible leading to some hilarious frustration on the part of the participants.

Other games include eating disgusting food "that one might encounter on an overseas business trip"; the weakest link and a scavenger hunt incorporating props provided to decorate the venue.

As each team is eliminated from the challenges, their flame lantern is extinguished!

Representatives of each team assemble on stage as the Survivor Host explains the next challenge. The rest of team members cheer them on!

Our survivor theme is exciting, unpredictable and as much fun to watch as it is to participate!!! It is hilarious to witness what lengths fellow guests will go to WIN!!!

Unique Events Inc. will custom design the games to specifically meet all your budget requirements and include your companiy's motivational message within every script.

Custom designed especially for you!

We coordinate every facet of the event, including theme specific catering, elaborate props, signs, centerpieces, d├ęcor, technical installation of sound, lights and audio/visual, script writing for the entire event, inclusion of special business such as your final Award Presentation.

Timely execution guarantees the success of your event!


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