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Thirty five years of experience in creating "Good Old Fashioned" corporate family picnics has made us a fine tuned machine when planning outdoor events. We don't miss a detail! Our main emphasis is to create a family fun day for a mixture of age groups and ethnic backgrounds guaranteed to boost the morale of any company.

Our picnics are based on timely execution of all activities throughout the day. Our games are presented in the early part of the day and serve as an extremely important icebreaker for everyone. They are as much fun to watch as they are to participate in.


* Professional Emcee with outdoor P.A. System.
* Seven game and field attendants.
* Fifty "First, Second and Third" place prizes for contestants.
* Consolation prizes for each child up to age twelve who enters.
* Candy for toddlers Candy Scramble.
* Games equipment and supplies for all the games.
* Field decorations, consisting of pennants and stanchions.

Our unique and original Games Package is presented with showmanship and is run by an experienced Emcee and a fully trained staff of field attendants. We present over a dozen field type games appealing to all age groups, both males and females. There is a First, Second and Third place prize for the winners in every game!

Picnics have been a traditional recreation activity for many years. Companies and their employees have all participated in and enjoyed this informal outdoor event with amazing morale and team building results.

The type of picnic that will be held is a major decision that must be made when first planning the event. The make-up and size of the organization, the available facilities and the budget are factors that will typically dictate the type of picnic that will be held. In the past, picnic activities have been combined with golf tournaments, boat rides and at other local public attractions.

This is an ideal way to show appreciation to your employees and an easy solution to putting on an event when you do not have an active committee available to coordinate, plan and produce all the details required in order to guarantee a successful picnic. Most attractions or venues will have staff on site to assist you with your group eliminating the burden of trying to arrange for everything yourself. 

Through our many years of experience, there is more success, while planning a picnic, when your event is held at a location where the general public is not allowed. This allows your group to meet others within your organization in an informal atmosphere created especially for them.

Your group will spend the day together and not wander off after lunch to partake in the various attractions and never really develop a rapport with other employees and their spouses or families. Even though Amusement Parks, Water Slide Parks, or Public Parks with attractions are a great Family Fun Day, these outings should be planned as a separate "Group Event" throughout the year as opposed to labeling it as a "Company Picnic". Keep in mind; the main purpose for any picnic is to build "Company Morale and Camaraderie".

The most important considerations for picnics are:

1. Financing Picnics (Number of Employees and Amount of Budget) 
2. Location (Picnic Ground Site Selection) 
3. Venue Types and Themes 
4. Types of Activities, Entertainment and Prizes 
5. Food Service 
6. Picnic Committees 
7. Clean Up

Call us for a detailed proposal custom designed especially for your group. We coordinate all the food, entertainment and carefully plan activities for all age groups

We do all the work you have all the fun!


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