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We carry a selection of Drapes & Sheers for Weddings & Corporate Events Custom Colors and Lengths can be ordered. We require 1 month lead time for custom colors and lengths.

Drapery, as an event decor element, is a fast and temporary way to create drama or entirely transform a space. Time and cost efficient, drapery effectively overcomes venue restrictions associated with painting,
rigging panels, or even full-scale remodeling.

We provide the fabric, hardware, along with delivery and the installation of event drapery.

Of all decor elements, event drapery gives you the biggest and most effective impact for your dollar!

Here is a sampling of just some of our drape applications:
- Ceiling swags and treatments - Floor-to-ceiling wall coverings
- Window and doorway treatments - Room dividers and exterior barriers 
- Srims (stretched fabric panels) 
- Awnings 
- Theatrical curtains 
- Step-and-repeat drapery 
- Canopy treatments  - Photo op backgrounds 
- Fence or exterior wall treatments 
- Tent events 
- Trade show venues and booths  
Here is a list of venues and locations that are ideally suited for drapery decor:
- Hotel decor  - Ballroom decor 
- Store and restaurant decor  - Stage drapery 
- Galleries  - Warehouse transformations
  • - Malls and department stores 
- Banquette hall decor 
- Parking lots  - Parks and fields 
- Wedding and reception decor  - Award show decor 
- Proms or school events  - Tent transformation
- Aircraft hanger  
- And obviously much, much more...


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